Inspiration. People, films, other writers websites, poems and many things that I find inspiring. 


As a writer, these scenes, writing and the acting are

some of the most inspirational moments that have

impacted on my life and influenced my own writing.  








Self Made

Research and re-emerge when you have found the answer.
Correct and perfect your craft and become your own master.

Refine your design until it cannot be further enhanced.
Instead of waiting, why not try creating your own chance?

Have the nerve to capture what you so rightly deserve.
Duly take heed but never concede to what you have heard.

Manually harness the tenacity to exceed your limited capacity.
Recognize that progress can either happen instantly or gradually.

Stay humble but don’t let it crumble when things start looking up.
Because those in a position of power are also known to be corrupt.

Remain independent; refrain from complying and relying on others.
But understand that those conceited people also needed loving mothers.

Polish and accomplish your dreams and visualise them into this reality.
Remember that failing is nothing but one of life’s constructive formalities.

So be confident go and see the things you have always wanted to see.
Allow yourself time to become the person you have always wanted to be.

We live in an age where everyone who’s anyone has dreams of making it.
You are the only person stopping yourself from going out there and taking it.

Kela Lewis-Morin


Links: Twitter @KelaLewisMorin



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